What we do

We conducts, analyzes, and disseminates the latest public health research and works with community, patients, policy makers, and opinion leaders to use that information to improve the health of Somali people and to help the government and other stakeholders to develop better programs, policies, and services for the people.

About Us

School of Public Health and Research (SPHR) Is the largest Research center in Somalia devoted to basic and applied research within the major public health fields of national and regional interest. SPHR possesses an impressive scientific and man power resources of over 30 staff including researchers, administrative staff and advisory board.

• SPHR is affiliated to Somali National University, but it has autonomy that gives management board and the board of directors a control over the research management, decisions related to research grants, research collaboration with international institutions, the budget and the destiny of the school.
• SPHR consists of 6 divisions, covering the major areas of public health.
• SPHR is headed by a director, assisted by 5 head departments and four advisory board.
• SPHR has board members involving both international and national members

Academic involvement

The SPHR collaborates with different NGOs and universities in the country and it is the training hub for Somali young researchers.    The school serves as the resource center for students who are trying to engage in advanced epidemiological and clinical research by providing supervision as well as research facilities and basic research training. Moreover, postgraduate student are linked to the school’s research projects where the school help them design strong research projects and their data are used for publications. 

Identifying research priorities

We work with a range of partners, including patients, politicians and the public, researchers, the Government, Health Authorities, NGOs and charities   in identifying research priorities based on what matters to the public, patients and clinicians. 

The public views help to inform the research that is important to the SPHR and influence the way research is planned and carried out. Involving the public in research is important to us to help ensure that the research we fund is relevant, reliable and useful. Whether you are a member of the public, a health or public health service professional, or policy maker, we invite you to let us know what ideas you would like us to consider for research by making a research suggestion.


The   SPHR, has close collaboration with different NGOs and Universities in the country. The   SPHR works urgent national and international public health issues whereby the data generated can be used for tracking health risks, identifying emerging problems, improving treatment, and evaluating programs. The School will provide for an evidence based advice to the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders that provide health services to Somali people.  The School hosts ‘global standard’ scientists who can design and implement advanced and innovative public health projects, in addition to participating global competitions in grantee applications, while   developing research collaboration projects with partner institutions all over the world, with particular efforts in neighboring countries. 

The SPHR have six scientific research centers ; Epidemiology and Infectious Disease Control center, Maternal, child and Reproductive Health center, Human Nutrition center, Non-communicable diseases research center, the Somali institute for research center. Each center accommodates a wide range of health issues, thus the School is a driving force in improving the population’s health and quality of life while preventing illness and injury, in addition to providing services and advices to public and private institutions that deal with public health throughout the country. The services and advices provided by the school will be based on research and health surveillance

Our current collaborators

Norwegian institute of Public health

The University of Sheffield

School of Public health/ University of Nairobi

Faculty of Public Health/Thammasat University , Bangkok, Thailand

Principles and Values

The SPHR is guided by its;

Dedication to improve lives of the Somali people

Pursuit of innovative strategies and methods to address pressing social and health needs of Somali communities

Focus on creation and support of interdisciplinary research teams

Collaboration with government partners, governmental and non-governmental organizations, universities and stakeholders in addressing Social and health issues of the country and the region

Recognition of the systemic nature of health disparities in the country and the need for new ways to reduce them

Respect for the unique cultural environment of Somali people

Leadership in training national researchers

Promotion of policies aimed at improving health at the local, state, and national levels

School of Public Health and Research , Somali National University