School of Public Health and Research

Post graduate program in public health

Semester 1 /four months

No Course name Credit point
1 Reproductive- and child health 5 points
2 Applied biostatistics 5 points
3 Communicable diseases control and prevention 5 points

Semester 2 /four months

No Course name Credit point
1 Research methodology (Qualitative and quantitative methods) 5 points
2 Applied epidemiology and demography 5 points
3 Globalization and Health systems 5 points

Semester3 /four months

No Course name Credit point
1 Public Health nutrition and Non-Communicable diseases 5 points
2 Principle of health informatics 5 points
3 Environmental and Occupational Health 5 points


Study days:

Days Time
Tuesday: 2pm to 6 pm.
Wednesday: 2pm to 6 pm.
Thursday : 2pm to 5 pm.

Admissions opens

Admission deadline : 31 of January, 2020.