School of Public Health and Research

Post graduate program in public health



Program structure


Semester Code Courses Credit hours
Semester one MPH101 Reproductive- and child health 3
MPH102 Infectious diseases prevention and control 3
MPH103 Research methodology I (Qualitative + quantitative) 3
MPH104 Academic writing, I 3
Semester two MPH201 Epidemiology I 3
MPH202 Non-communicable diseases and nutrition 3
MPH203 Biostatistics I 3
MPH204 Academic writing, II 3
Semester three MPH301 Health systems   and globalization 3
MPH302 Occupational and Environmental Health 3
MPH303 Health economics 3
MPH304 Academic writing, III 3
Semester four MPH401 Epidemiology II 3
MPH402 Biostatistics II 3
MPH403 Research methodology II (Qualitative + quantitative) 3
MPH404 Health information management system 3
Semester five MPH501 Health education, communication and educational methodology 3
MPH502 Health demography 3
MPH503 Program management, Monitoring and evaluation 3
MPH504 leadership and management in health care 3
Semester six MPH601 Graduation thesis 12