Administrative Staff

Mr. Abdulwahab M. Salad, Director
Prof. Dr. Abdi Gele , Head of Somali Institute for Health Research
Mr. Said Yasin , Head of Human Nutrition and Non-Communicable Diseases Center
Dr. Hassan Jimale, Vector Management and Research Center
Dr. Mulki Elmi Mölsä , Head of Mental Health Center
Mis Tasnim Dirie , Head of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases Control
Mr. Salman Abdullahi Ali, Media Manager

Research Staff

Dr. Omar B. Da’ar , Principal Research Officer
Dr. Ali Jimale Mohamed , Research Associate.
Dr. Jibril I. handuleh, Research Associate
Dr. Ahmed H. Kadle , Research Associate
Mr. gallad Dahir Hassan, Researcher
Mr. Ahmed M. Hussein , Researcher
Dr. Liban H. Jimale, Researcher
Ibrahim Yasin, Chief statistical for SPHR