HMr. Abdulwahab M. Salad ,
HMr. Abdulwahab M. Salad , Director
Mr. Abdulwahab M. Salad , Director

Prof. Abdi Gele,
Prof. Abdi Gele, Head of Somali Institute for Health Research
Dr. Jibril I. handuleh,
Dr. Jibril I. handuleh, Research Associate
Mr. Gallad Dahir Hassan,
Mr. Gallad Dahir Hassan, Head of maternal, child and reproductive health center
Mr. Abdifatah Ahmed Mohamed
Mr. Abdifatah Ahmed Mohamed Health of Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases
Tasnim Dirie , Head of non-communicable diseases center
Dr. Liban H Jimale, Head of epidemiology and infectious diseases center
Dr. Mulki Elmi Mölsä Head of Mental health Center
Dr. Ali Mohamed Jimale Research associate
Mr. Mohamed Nor Ahmed Chief statistical for SPHR
Dr. Omar B. Da’ar , principle Research Officer
Dr. Ahmed H. Kadle , Research Associate
Fathia Khalif, Research associate
Dr. Abdirashid Ali Aser , Research Assistant

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