Mr. Abdifatah Ahmed Mohamed 

BSc Public Health, MSc Healthcare Policy Innovation & Management, MSc Global Health.

Abdifatah is an experienced global health and healthcare policy innovation and management specialist. He studied at Maastricht University in the Netherlands where he obtained his degree in public health and double master’s in the fields of Global Health and Healthcare Policy Innovation & Management. Prior to this, Abdifatah was a trained laboratory technician and worked with MSF Holland as a laboratory technician for 9 years, he later worked with MSF Norway in Oslo. Abdifatah has a great interest in the eradication of neglected tropical diseases in developing countries including Somalia.
The Department of Infectious & Tropical Diseases is a part of the School of Public Health and Research at the Somali National University. The department supports the fight against infectious and tropical diseases in the country through scientific research, trainings and informs policy decisions regarding infectious and tropical diseases.
Tell: +252611013773